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Motion Light Media

FTS Solutions Ltd is proud to unveil our new website!

We acquired the services of website development company Motion Light Media to build our brand new website. The new website provides you with the same great information and services as before but we can now bring you our news instantly!

Latest news on accreditation

This new award has now replaced the IHCD D1 and D2 awards that were phased out in 2015. FTS Solutions is the only non NHS centre to have gained accreditation and is now offering places to anyone that would wish to gain this award, which is recognised by every NHS Ambulance Service in the UK.

What's the difference in the new award?

The first real difference is the duration. The IHCD programme was 3 weeks in duration whilst the new award is four. Like the IHCD programme it can be divided into two parts, which is now known as L2 and L3. The biggest advantage with the new award is that it is on the Qualifications and Curriculum Framework, which means that it will be recognised as a national award, and can attract funding.

What else is different?

The other main difference is that the award is competency based. This means that the learner has to gather much more evidence to complete the award in addition to the practical driver training. Learners will be provided with all the documents required to do this, which will include reflective logs and learner workbooks, which are completed throughout the programme. However, most of the work is completed within the working day and time is allowed for this within the programme. Also different is the reading materials, which are now based on the Driver Training Advisory Group (DTAG) handbook, Know your Road Signs and Highway Code. Roadcraft is also used on the programme as a reference material

What does the programme look like?

L2 comprises the completion of 13 Learner Outcomes (LOs) which include vehicle checks and reversing. As in the IHCD programme, a theory paper needs to be completed that includes road signs

L3 comprises the more advanced skills such as cornering, navigation and night driving. The final week of the programme comprises blue light driving and can include driving Ambulances and Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)

If you are interest in any courses that we can provide please contact us for more info on dates and prices.

Future Qual Accreditation Announced

We at FTS Solutions are very pleased to announce that we have acquired accreditation to deliver Future Qual Blue Lights Driving Courses to Level 3 at our training centres. Registration number AC259.

We are taking enquiries immediately and for information on courses available to you; please contact us.

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